Generating Urban Spaces

Youth Engagement Index

URBEGO The Youth Engagement Index is a collaborative method for analysing in a consensual manner the participation of young people (18-34 years of age) in urban affairs.

 The method combines a series of quantitative and qualitative elements in collaboration with local actors. The three spheres analysed look at the economic, politic-institutional and civic-cultural aspects. The research takes place in three phases: evaluation (workshop), validation (through case studies and questionnaires) and knowledge exchange in terms of policy formulation and practice. The method was launched at the World Urban Forum 7 in April 2014 and workshops have been organized so far in Valencia (Spain), Medellin (Colombia), Bucharest (Romania) and London (United Kingdom).

For more information, visit Youth Engagement Index.

Urban Pockets

The Urban Pockets program has been launched by URBEGO with the aim of developing a co-creation strategy for reclaiming public spaces in different cities around the world. The first phase of the program saw URBEGO interacting with local partners and communities in different Balkan cities, with the first community pocket park implemented in Tirana in 2015.

In the program, URBEGO operates contemporary at different scales. At a local level, it engages local communities of residents, helping them to take control of the open spaces around/between the places where they live. At a global scale, it provides a platform for sharing and transferring knowledge and expertises, acting as an intermediary between small organizations and international funders, as well as providing visibility to local projects in international contexts such as conferences and exhibitions.

For more information, visit Urban Pockets.


WETEST stands for the process of creating Walkable Environments through the use of Technology, Experimentation and promotion of Sustainable Transport choices. The concept draws upon the URBEGO approach to addressing mobility in cities and in particular pedestrian and public space interventions and was tested for the first time in Venice in August 2014.

URBEGO is looking to encourage municipalities to take a better look at the existing resources of their city, understand the changes that the concept of smart development proposes and what opportunities could be seized in each particular situation.

For more information, visit WETEST.


URBEGO is a multidisciplinary platform of young professionals from all around the globe. URBEGO provides rapid responses for specific challenges in cities by applying an in situ approach collaborating with partners; ranging from civil society representatives to research institutions and decision makers. URBEGO members have a wide range of expertise in urban governance, planning, economics, architecture, culture, communication and engagements. Through workshops, these skills are combined with local knowledge from citizens, students and decision makers to find the best solution for the individual case.

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