Ecocity World Summit 2017

The next Ecocity World Summit will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 12-14 July 2017.

Ecocity 2017: Changing Cities: Resilience and Transformations is being hosted by the University of Melbourne, Western Sydney University, and the City of Melbourne. The 2017 Summit will bring together a diverse mix of researchers, policy-makers and citizens with a common focus on identifying and creating pathways to more sustainable, resilient and equitable cities.

The event is organized around the the Circles of Sustainability Principles for Better Cities. The Summit will address the unprecedented ecological, economic, political and cultural challenges and opportunities facing the world’s cities through a focus on six major themes:

  • Climate and energy transformations
  • Food and water security
  • Smart cities for people
  • Healthy and caring cities
  • Culturally vibrant cities
  • Governance, infrastructure 
and finance

The Summit program will address three core questions in relation to each of these themes.

  • Understanding: What are the key sustainability and resilience risks and opportunities facing cities? What are the key sources and drivers of these risks and opportunities?
  • Imagining: How can we imagine and communicate sustainable and resilient city futures and pathways?
  • Creating: What actions are required to drive the rapid and just transitions required to create resilient and sustainable cities?

Visit the ecocity2017 website for more information and registration details.


Ecocity World Summit 2017

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